Because Bread is about gathering. Creating a reason to gather. There is something unique about food that does this. It brings people together. Sometimes we give. Sometimes we receive. Often, we share. We share conversation and laughter, connection and life as we gather. Walls break down and unity and friendship happens around the table. We are many, but we are one. 
Because Bread is about loving those around us the best we can. Sometimes it’s making the smallest difference in someone’s day. Providing a moment of happiness in this thing they are about to enjoy. Because a lot of times it’s more than just food. You can tell when something is hand made and someone has put their heart into it. There is a sense of passion and creativity and inspiration. It moves us. And sometimes it’s about that little moment of joy in a busy day. A tough day. Or a moment of celebration. It truly makes us so happy to see others happy.

Because Bread is about thinking differently. We want to be conscious and aware of the ingredients we use. All of our products are made with plant based ingredients. We desire to give people who often can’t eat certain types of foods, the same opportunity around the table. The opportunity to enjoy a variety of delicious sweets and pastries they may not normally be able to find on a plant based diet, while upholding the highest flavor standards. We are many, but we are one.